Intercultural Business graphic symbols communication experiments



Hello! First of all, our sincere thanks for your participation in this research project. This questionnaire was designed by the graphical symbol research team of International Business School(IBS), in Yunnan University of Finance and Economics(YUFE), aims to study the effectiveness of graphic symbols in cross-cultural business communication scenarios. All data collected will be kept confidential and only for scientific research, and the results does not involve any personal information.

While the reliability of the results depends on your serious and objective answers, please remain attentive and make sure no question missed, and expression of your true feelings will mean a great deal to our research.

If you wish to learn more about the results or have any questions or suggestions with regard to our research, you are welcome to contact us by

Finally, thanks for your!

Professor Feng Yuhui
Associate Professor Li Yan
Staff Chen Minghui
Student Qiu Menglan
Student Yang Haiyang